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Meal delivery services have become very popular over the last ten years. Once they were reserved strictly for the wealthy, but today they accommodate a vast section of society, including the needs of seniors, the elderly, and family caregivers. This is a private pay option as neither insurance companies or government services cover the purchase of private meal deliveries. However, it is also wise to double check with your insurance company for some form of reimbursement may exist on your policy.

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DineWise prepared meal
DineWise has nutritional menus for diabetics, seniors, low sodium, and healthy lifestyles. If you do not wish to purchase one meal at a time you can buy pre-set meal packages that have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, lunch and dinner, or just dinners.

Once you try their meal delivery service, you can opt to sign up for their automatic delivery program. According to online customer reviews, DineWise has the best overall rating for satisfaction. DineWise meals range from $7 to $19 depending on the type of meal you purchase.
Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen is another national meal delivery service that offers prepared senior meals. Their menu includes meal packs of seven meals per meal pack. Their website says these meal packs should be supplemented with fresh vegetables and fruit.
A DineWise Chef Prepared Meal for Seniors or the Elderly
Magic Kitchen Prepared Meal
Below the listing of meal packs, there are additional single serving meals that range between $11 and $13 per meal.

Breakfast meals are included in this section. However, if you purchase two meal packs, you can use a coupon and save $10. Coupon codes are posted on their webiste.

Magic Kitchen also offers menus for for loved ones on renal, dialysis, diabetic, and low sodium diets.
Personal Chefs

A personal chef is a good, but generally more expensive, solution to having senior meals on hand. Some personal chefs are also experts in meeting the nutritional demands of special diets, which can include diabetes, low sodium, heart healthy, and gluten free.

In the case of elderly meals, you may have a need for meals that can be prepared for loved ones on renal diets or on dialysis. In some cases, elderly loved ones need diets that help them gain weight.

A personal chef will come to the home of your loved one and cook on site. According to the US Personal Chef Association, personal chefs can charge between $10 and $15 a meal, plus the cost of food, travel, and shopping.

Supermarket Frozen Meals

As a last resort, you may wish to consider creating an inventory of supermarket frozen meals. These meals are normally high in sodium and very small in portion size compared to meals delivered from national companies. If they are purchased on sale, or with a coupon, the cost of these meals should be under $5 each. If you have to create an inventory on a very small budget, this may be an option for you.
A Magic Kitchen Chef Prepared Meal from their Senior Menu
There are companies that deliver nationally, by region, and by state. There are even personal chefs and local catering-type companies that provide this service. However, the national meal delivery services have been the "industry standard," for home meal delivery.

Choosing a company that provides you the best service for your dollar requires a little research and a bit of knowing what you wish to achieve. The options of services available can be huge, but you can also over pay if you do not plan ahead and understand your needs.
For example, you may be a family caregiver for a parent who lives with you, or lives close to you. Normally, you cook a few meals and leave them in your loved one's fridge. Even so, maybe work is getting busy for you, and you are looking to supplement an inventory of senior meals for your loved one.

Another example might be that you are caring for an elderly parent who finds it difficult, or may no longer be able to prepare any meals for themselves. In addition, you do not live so close, and it can be difficult to travel and cook regularly.  You may have hired a home caregiver, senior companion, or respite care provider to help you make sure your loved one eats properly. In this case, you might need a larger inventory of meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner for five to seven days a week.

And no matter which situation is closest to yours, you can also add the requirement of special nutritional meals. Perhaps your loved one is a diabetic, or requires a low-sodium diet plan. You may be great at cooking all of your family recipes, but cooking senior diabetic meals, or elderly low sodium meals is a skill you don't have. Some national prepared meal delivery services can create menus that support nutritional profiles and accommodate senior and elderly lifestyles.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you select a meal delivery company, always look for a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It is highly unlikely you can return any meals you purchase. Not all companies offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, and read the wording closely, as some companies may guarantee the packaging and not the product.

Fresh or Frozen Prepared Meals

Most national meal delivery services offer frozen meals. The advantage to frozen meal delivery is the food that the food will last longer, and shipping is generally significantly less, but that based on where you live. Frozen prepared meals are shipped in dry ice and normally delivered by FedEx or UPS.

Companies that offer fresh prepared meals general have regional or local delivery areas. Some offer you the option of picking up your meals at an area depot. Most of the companies that offer fresh prepared meals are diet services with plans that extend beyond one order.

Menus are often limited, and substitutions are generally not available. Shipping outside of a local area can easily exceed $50 per order because fresh meals have to be shipped by overnight delivery.


DineWise has the largest menu and many key services other companies do not offer. First is the size of their menu selection. It is by far the biggest. Another benefit is that DineWise allows you to purchase individual serving meals, and as many as you like. Most other suppliers require you to buy multiple quantities of the same exact meal.
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