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Does Medicaid Have Home Meal Delivery Programs?

In 1978, the federal government enacted the Older Americans Act, OAA, Nutrition program. The goal of this program is to reduce food insecurity and hunger among seniors and the elderly.

Medicaid Meal Program

Medicaid Meals

Medicaid Meal Delivery

Medicaid Senior Meals
Medicaid Elderly Meals
In order to receive these Medicaid senior meals and Medicaid elderly meals, seniors and the elderly must:

  • Be eligible for and receive Medicaid
  • Be receiving Medicaid services at home through the OAA or the Seniors with Disabilities act
  • Be unable to leave the home
  • Be unable to prepare nutritious meals either because of an illness, injury or disability
  • Be assessed and found in need by a social worker, working through the local Department of Family and Health Services
  • Be able and willing to eat the meal and must have a proper food storage system in place for meals

Those wishing to qualify for senior and elderly Medicaid meal programs must present proof of residency including a recognized State ID, passport and Social Security card to their local Medicaid office. Spouses of qualifying seniors must present a marriage license as proof of marriage.

All income must be shown and any assets listed. Anyone who qualifies for the program will be asked to notify the local Medicaid office if there is a change in circumstance. Participants who are caught not eating the meals or selling the meals will be immediately disqualified from the program.

Companies that Offer Medicaid Meals

Homestyle Direct offers home delivered Medicaid meals. They are Medicaid certified in:

  • Idaho
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

Recipients must be approved to order these meals and must place their orders at least two weeks prior to delivery.

Meals on Wheels partners with local Medicaid offices to provide home delivered meals in various states.

States may provide their own, licensed food delivery programs. For more information contact your local Medicaid office or your local Department of Family Services.

Aternative Senior and Elderly Meal Delivery Services

If you do not qualifiy for Medicaid Meal Delivery, these other options may serve your purpose and provide a solution:

  • Meals on Wheels - Hot or cold meals delivered by volunteers. Benefits are strictly limited by local funding.

  • Senior Meal Delivery - A private pay option with local and national service providers specializing in senior and elderly meal programs.
Medicaid Form for the Elderly to receive Medicaid Home Meal Delivery
In certain states, this program is funded by the Medicaid program, a program designed to provide health care to the elderly, disabled and the poor.

Meals offered by the Medicaid meal program must meet certain, stringent guidelines and are not available in every state.
While most Americans have at least heard of SNAP, Supplemental Food And Nutrition, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, very few are familiar with the Medicaid Meal Program.

In some states, Medicaid home meal delivery is available. There are certain restrictions and qualifications to the Medicaid meal delivery program:

  • Meals provided by Medicaid are only available to those seniors age 60 or over. If the qualifying senior has a spouse, the spouse is eligible regardless of age.

  • Those under 60 may qualify if they have a proven disability and are homebound.

  • Home delivered meals must meet the nutritional guidelines set forth for seniors. They must contain at least 33 and 1/3 percent of the recommended daily vitamins and minerals as established by USDA and the Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Food service providers who accept funding from Medicaid to provide meals must agree to also provide nutrition counseling.

States that Offer Medicaid Meals

  • Alabama offers frozen meals as part of their Medicaid senior meals program.

  • Alaska makes a provision for meal services through local Meals on Wheels services. Medicaid pays the bill.

  • Arkansas provides Medicaid elderly meals, however, meal service companies must apply to work with Medicaid recipients. The kitchen must be inspected by the Health Department, meals must be approved by a licensed and registered dietician and they must meet all federal, state and local laws pertaining to the transporting and serving of meals.

  • California allows for home-delivered meals.

  • Connecticut allows for home delivered meals.

  • While Florida does not allow for Medicaid home meal delivery, they do have special Medicaid case managers assigned to work with the elderly who are deemed to be at risk for food insecurity.

  • Georgia allows for home-delivered meals through their local Meals on Wheels services. Medicaid pays a portion of the bill.

  • Hawaii offers Medicaid home delivered meals.

  • Iowa offers home delivered meals and requires a nutrition counselor who must work with a community action agency, a local hospital, a licensed home health agency, a nursing home or be approved by the local Area on Aging.

  • Maryland offers home-delivered meals. Maryland requires meals be approved by a licensed, registered dietician and that the dietician provide nutrition counseling to the recipient of the meals.

  • Massachusetts, Michigan and Minnesota, as well as Mississippi and Missouri all provide home-delivered meals.

  • Nebraska offers home-delivered meals.

  • New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Ohio all offer home delivered meals under the Medicaid program.

  • Oregon offers home delivered meals to the elderly and requires recipients also receive a supply of emergency, shelf-stable food, in addition to the frozen meals delivered.

  • Rhode Island provides home delivered meals under the Medicaid program.

  • Certain counties in South Dakota and Tennessee offer Medicaid home delivered meals.

  • Utah, Washington, Wyoming and Wisconsin all offer home delivered meals.

Because the information per state changes constantly, call your local Department of Family Services to ensure meals are delivered, if your state is listed above.

Qualifying for Medicaid Meal Delivery
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